Importance of your marketing messages per day

Marketing in not only about sending certain amount of messages per day to your clients and customers. There are a lot of factors which can affect your marketing campaign so while you are running an online and digital marketing campaign; you need to focus on a few factors.

Before you send a message to your client you need to look at the information in the message. The SMS is a short message service in which you can write a few words and that is why you need to be precise while sending a marketing message. The information must be correct, precise, clear, and consistent.

What is a marketing Message?

Marketing message is a way to communicate and tell your potential and targeted customers about yourself and your product or services via the SMS.

  • What an ideal marketing message must consist of?
  • Explain your core offering, that could be easily understood by everyone could be memorable.
  • The message should resonate with the potential and targeted audience to make them feel that their concern matters for the company.
  • Make the message clear about what you offer and how you are different from your competitors.

Tips for effective messaging campaign

Be Consistent and Repetitive: While sending messages use your positioning statement consistently and repetitively to make your brand stand out and boost the image of your brand.

Let them know why you’re unique: Don’t follow the crowd blindly. If your competitors are also making similar statements then it is time for you to take a step back and revise your strategy. Make an analysis how you are different from them and then send a message to your audience about yourself that makes you stand out of your competitors.

Prove Your Message true: While sending the core positioning message, don’t exaggerate it otherwise you will be in a difficult position to make your promises fulfilled. So make a statement that could be easily proven.

Why to make SMS the part of your Digital Campaign

While you are using all the means and channels to market your business, one of the best and the easiest mean might be ignored by many of the marketers and that is SMS marketing. There are several benefits of using SMS marketing to boost your sales and make your brand recognizable.

Its direct and immediate channel: This is the most immediate channel as per it has 97% read rate and 45% read message campaign offer successful ROI.

Increase Customer Engagement: If you are thinking of increasing your customer engagement then SMS marketing is one of the best ways.

How many messages per day

Now the most important question arises here is, how many message one should send per day. While being consistent is the key bet don’t overdo otherwise it might retaliate your campaign and instead of benefiting you it will create problems.

So while sending the message, keep in mind that overdoing anything can harm the benefits.