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To Build Competitive Advantage into Your Marketing Plan – Differentiation in Marketing Examples

The marketing mix section of your marketing plan contains four elements: product, price, promotion, and place (also known as a distribution). Product always needs to be considered first because the other three elements depend on the decisions you make for your product. It is critically important that you understand the need to differentiate your product […]

How to Create Online Marketing Strategies for eCommerce websites

Online marketing for an eCommerce website must address all areas of the customer buying cycle to be as effective as possible. The customer buying cycle follows the general stages of awareness, consideration, purchase, service, and loyalty. While many will recognize that it is important in online marketing to ensure a brand is visible on many […]

How to Select the Best Project Management System for Marketing

With a growing supply of Project Management systems in the market, selecting the best content management system for your organization can be a costly and highly time-consuming effort. How can you sort through the products? How can you know which product best suits your organization’s unique needs? How can you validate that your organization makes […]

How to Do Marketing With a Low Budget

Marketing your business online inexpensively is a real possibility. You can practically market your business for free if you know what to do. Content Marketing This is one of the most important marketing weapons in your arsenal. You’ll use the content for all types of marketing including every inexpensive way mentioned below. Content is needed […]